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January 11, 2012

Rick Ross is learning his lesson. 

YMWIK, do you mean he’s turning a new leaf on illegal operations?

No, he’s just learned that weed would have been a better sell. Um… what?

“I wanted to sell pot. You couldn’t get pot at a decent price — I couldn’t, nor the quantity,” Rick Ross, who the Los Angeles Times dubbed “the Wal-Mart of crack dealing,” told HuffPost. Ross built one of the largest cocaine empires in the country, expanding his operation across the country to at least a dozen major cities.”

I figured growing up you learned a lot of things from prison. How to make shanks, it makes for good movies, homo erotic tendencies within deprived males, tattooing art with makeshift supplies (see shank) that would have Kat Von Dee shivering… but business lessons in the economic value of marijuana? Ok, Ross the Boss, if you say so. Let’s hear more:

A confessed inability to find a steady supply of marijuana might sound strange coming from a drug kingpin, but it dovetails with a broader trend at the time. For the book “This Is Your Country On Drugs,” I looked at pricing data from the late ’70s and ’80s and found a remarkable divergence: As the price of pot skyrocketed, the price of cocaine plummeted.

Shocking revelation. Because it takes science to understand that if most people are pulling hits from glass “lamps” in their grandma’s basement they more than likely won’t have the mindset to remember to go buy the coke that will inflict the total opposite effects of what we…cough, I mean they…. just partook in.

This article goes on to talk about Ross’ book and the movie he plans to make on his past mistakes gone right. It then plunges into the stats of when and where the economic value of pot vs. coke, COUGHCOUGHREAGANERACOUGHCOUGH, started and then finishes 8 hours later with what ends up being a really boring article of things we kinda knew and the only people interested in that article headline surely left the page before the 3rd paragraph.

If this isn’t news worth newsing, I don’t know what is.

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