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Reality Reelness.

December 6, 2011

I watch way too much reality television.

I wonder when that sentence won’t need to be declared before talking about reality television… if most people weren’t watching what I feel slightly guilty watching it wouldn’t be on for the uptenth season.

Anywho, you know you watch too much when your boyfriend knows their names and has opinions on their behavior. But last night reached an all time high-low for our choice in entertainment. We noticed things. Noticed them enough for me to feel the need to write them down before bed, that’s when you know it’s real.

1. Reality is more real. Gone are the days of slightly scripted drama, Bravo made sure of that. Now all you get is the realest of real which makes it about a thousand times harder to watch. I always thought it was the fact my mom was crying that upset me, but now I realize its the sight of a grown ass woman breaking down that makes me slightly uncomfortable. And Housewives more than accommodates for that.

2. Pro-Nipple Reality! I was surprised to see nipple on Bravo last night. And it gave Frankie affirmation that it’s ok to watch Housewives. Brandy chose a lovely white beach dress for her party on Beverly Housewives. She chose to not wear a bra under it which gave husbands round the world a moment of “Yesssss” during their wives TV hour. And then husbands round the world excused themselves to bathrooms or basements.

3. Did anyone happen to notice that one RA lady from Sober House on Vh1 suddenly appear hugging Brandy at  the end of the episode? YES, when you watch so much reality tv you can tell when “stars” have crossed over to another network… cough. What? Is my phone ringing?

4. How many of you watched Housewives last night and thought it strange to see Taylor laughing in serious moments? Right, she was crying. When you can’t tell whether a lady is crying or laughing it might be time to set the botox needle down. Taylor, I feel for you but last night was weird.

5. I think it’s fair to say Lisa and her husband are the only old farts that don’t gross me out when talking about sex. I don’t know if it’s Lisa’s comment on whether or not its his birthday or holiday, maybe it’s the British accents that make naughty times sound so proper, I don’t know. Alls I know is that Playboy should be ringing this couple up.

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