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I Can Has Style.

December 1, 2011

Burrrrrrr, it’s unseasonably cold out here in New York.


Yesterday I pulled on my stupid fall coat, nothing like my wonderous winter coat, and made my way to work noticing immediately how effing cold it was outside. Oh so nooooow you choose to shape up, but go fuck yourself because I’m not going back to change.

I wish I had.

Today it was even colder, WOO HOO! I made the smart choice of wearing aforementioned wonderous magical winter coat, but have no scarf. Or new sweaters. Or anything but that twicely aforementioned wonderous magical loverly coat. So what’s a girl to do? Shop? No, it’s almost Christmas are you crazy my mother would kill me if I bought myself something two weeks before the greatest gifting day ever. *DEEP INHALE*

Instead I will make an online shopping list, because I can has style just not buy it yet.

SCARF! Rhymes with KNARF! (that’s Frank backwards, my friend Ewin calls him Knarf.)

This two toned beaut will choke so much fashion out of my throat I might die a stylish death.


I love sweaters. But for some reason I only pick horrible ones that I never wear because they cease to look good on me after leaving the store. I thought ahead this year and found styles I know will compliment my body and make me a cozy sexy fuzzy winter goddess. If I can only remember to relate  back to this when I do go shopping.

This navy blue,short sleeve, knitted sight to behold comes from ModCloth and holds a special place in my heart for the wool variety.

This rouched, royal violet sex sweater would no doubt compliment a dark pair of jeans and sultrified tall brown boots.

This black as a dolls eyes wrap-around will go with my couch, my desk chair, my train ride and my mid weekend run to Starbucks.

If my blog post can has style, I can has style. (in the shopping safe zone after Christmas)

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