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Subway Scenes.

November 28, 2011

 Imagine sitting in a subway car staring at the cracked polish on your right big toe when a group of muscular teens come bounding into the car. They hip hop shout about how they’re going to tear the subway apart with their dance so you know it’s real.

Already they have my attention so I turn my Zune up louder to drown them out.

Suddenly another door opens and here comes an old haggard man grasping a worn change cup with his left nub. You read that right, he had no lower left arm. But with determination and strength he held onto that cup with his ragged nubby and then upon noticing the teen dancers immediately ducked into another car. I felt bad for him on some level. Unless there is an unspoken rule in the Land of Subway Cars I felt it would have been MORE than appropriate to duel against the Crunkers. Hell, at least with that you’d get more spectators than the dumb tourists who don’t know to look down.

So here is my question, inspired by hobo nub… If you were to give one dollar (and only one dollar bc I don’t want them getting greedy or spending it on drugs) who would the recipient be?

A group of uplifting teens who disguise their need for beer money by pretending to be the struggling artists?

Or the homeless wounded nub man who knows how to move a crowd by clutching at his torn, browned, water logged cup with no fingers to help?

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  1. November 28, 2011 3:27 pm

    oh no doubt about the nub man! Im such a softy for people who can pull on my heartstrings… curse them.

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