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November 14, 2011

**My little dude Jeezy died early this morning, 11/16. I’ll take it as a nice helping hand that I acknowledged his little life in my world therefore easing the pain of a little soul gone in our home. I know he’s just a hamster, but he was the most loved hamster treated like a furball king. I grew up understanding, there are no small parts just small actors. I believe the same for my animals, from hermit to elephant you are each significant and mean more to me than I can express when you enter my life. 


Round two of being grateful for things you normally don’t think about! Yay!

I’ll be Givethanksing the zoo we’ve started collecting in our NYC apartment today. We’ve recently added a new species to our Astoria menagerie therefore prompting my overload of Lenny feelings.

I’m thankful for Rosie and her stubborn mind. It only reminds me that I too can be difficult given my Taurus backlight. Rosie isn’t Taurus, she’s just dachshund.

I’m thankful for Jeez, our hamster, and his mad professor hair do.

I’m thankful for Harvey, our hermit crab, who reminds me that creatures are weird and I might not be the weirdest of the bunch.

I’m thankful for the soundtrack Frankie and I get whenever we show affection towards each other. Our singer/songwriter dog can get a little jealous.

I’m thankful for Jeez’s size. He shows me the importance of handling a small animal with patient hands and it drives Rosie CRAZY with jealousy when she sees that.

I’m thankful for the jealous teenage antics my dog participates in. It only means she loves us. Too much. On a stalker level.

I’m thankful for Harvey and the way he creeps his shell up to see if I’m a predator or his moma. Given his little hermit brain he’ll never fully learn the difference, but that’s ok.

I’m thankful that Rosie lets me squeeze her way too hard so I can hear the air pushed from her lungs. And the way she tolerates my pinching the fat around her neck feeling way too much like Lenny but luckily she’s never read American Lit and won’t understand her fate.

I’m thankful that hopefully my readers know thats me kidding.

I’m thankful for my zoo.

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