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I Was Just Wondering…

November 11, 2011

Why in Gods good graces does my Starbucks coffee taste of meat?

In the two weeks I’ve deterred from purchasing the bean poison has my palette shifted in such ways I now taste meat in Starbucks?

I didn’t ask for Ham Drip.

Coffee braised short ribs, sure. Short Rib Coffee? No. No please no.

I’ve never complained your brew was too bruising. I’ve never swayed from trying a new blend. I even put up with the a line of 3 people taking over 10 minutes for no apparent reason. But when you give me a joe that reminds me of BBQ’s back home, that $1.85 starts to look vaguely similar to a waste of money.

Luckily my friends doppleganger from the future distracted me upon entering the subway. Then I drank mindlessly to the tunes of Bleeps of Bleep and the Drive soundtrack forcing the meat juice down my throat since we were out of coffee this morning and my lack of caffeine head things started to happen.

Meat coffee won.

I was just wondering…. when did Starbucks go to Pork Blend?

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