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November 11, 2011

What better day to get chocolate cake stuck in your teeth while trying to talk to your crush and all he can do is watch the moist piece of chocolate goodness wedge itself further into your gums? FRIDAY! CUPCAKES! FUCKYES!

Look at that naughty lady, the perfect mix of sweet and sweet…and sweet.

I recently went camping with some friends upstate and consumed mad s’mores. I also had to relieve myself in the woods, thats like the opposite end of the spectrum when comparing s’mores.

When my friend Maki put bacon on the s’more the next morning? I almost died  of impressiveness. But look at those there above this… LOOK AT THEM! It’s like a cupcake on halloween dressed as a s’more. It doesn’t feel wrong, just like your uncle doesn’t when he dresses up  like a woman every year for Halloween and nobody says anything.

So sit back with this cupcake, giggle at your uncle in tights and be glad it’s Friday.

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