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I Can Has Style.

November 7, 2011

There aren’t many parts of me that are girl. Let’s try that again.

I don’t portray myself as much of a Fashionista. Or Maxinista for that matter. No matter how affordable their name brand prices are.

But I can be womanly, lady like, sexy (rarely). I normally show these sides off with my more natural god given features like the Bambi lashes that my mom will forever be jealous of. Or the subtle line of cleavage (not fleavage) that my southern bodily guilt will allow.

Nonetheless, I find myself finding your girlyness more appealing than doing it myself, thus I’ve created: I CAN HAS STYLE.

For my first (and many more) let me introduce you to Kims finger.

Nail of Seductress

For more Kim girly-talentness check my Blog Roll!

Not only did she paint this glorious nail of seduction, she took the photo and JAZZED it the FUCK up.

If she can has style, I can has style.

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