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I Was Just Wondering…

November 3, 2011

Blonde girl in a stylish bankers garb, make up done perfectly though I can see the tired lines under those done up eyes.

When you, blonde chick, were shopping for a lunch bag… and you saw the clear one. What was your thought? Well, I guess that’s idiotic to ask. You must have thought “By golly! I’ve always wanted a clear lunchbox to make other fatter girls feel more insecure about their weight!”

Oh no Blonde chick. You won’t let us believe you’re naturally thin and some just don’t have that type of luck. Nope. You will show that hard boiled egg, the counted out almonds, the disgustingly healthy yogurt, the plain chicken breasts, the apple, the perfectly placed water. GO EFF YOURSELF WITH THAT PERFECTLY PLACED WATER.

No, sorry. Don’t do that. That was rude. Just stick it up your ass.

Why, why at 8am on a gosh-darn Thursday do you need to remind me that eating annoyingly healthy is the only way a stylish bankers garb will fit right? Just carry a damn treadmill with you on the train and go for a jog while I eat my donut. DO IT I DARE YOU!

Who ever goes for the clear lunch box? I was just wondering…

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