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October 21, 2011

Guess what this post is about….? Cupcakes!

I was about as subtle as a bull in a tutu, so… If you didn’t get it…get off this site. NO! Stay. You have much to learn.

Cupcakes. Look at those orange tinted creamy mounds of cake batter. In case you were dumb, I like cupcakes. I said it in ‘The Preface’, I pretty much threw it in your face like I will this cupcakes here in my hand. NOT! Why would I waste a cupcake on your face? It’s too delicious.

Facts: These were my trial run Halloween party cupcakes. I’m gonna say that’s what it was and not me really wanting cupcakes Wednesday night. Get the mix at your local target, i normally go raw (aka home made if you’re normal) but decided to take a load off and enjoy a box brand. I got no shame, ya’ll. Target, Halloween baking section, awesome Wednesday night treat- I mean trial- run.


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